Bringing Our Social Graphs To A Central Location: Upload Yours Here

Loic Le Meur’s Social Graph
Loic Le Meur’s Social Graph

A blog post by Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur yesterday discussing his decentralized social graph including the likes of Friendfeed and Twitter sparked an idea that has led to this blog. Ultimately Le Meur said, “that while I really like all my services gathered in one place, I would rather that these would be centralized on my blog instead of a third party service”, probably referring to Friendfeed which aggregates most top social network feeds into one giant feed.

Le Meur’s observation began an online conversation that has lasted for most of the weekend with the likes of Stowe Boyd, Brian Solis and Mike Arrington bringing their two cents to the mix.

Brian Solis’ Social Graph

Brian Solis’ Social Graph

Click on the above links to get the back story for now, although I’ll try to discuss it in more detail here over the next few days. Right now what I’d like to do is open this blog up to those interested in uploading their social graphs and any interpretations they may like to leave. That way we’ll end up with a user-generated (for lack of a better term) blog full of social graphs that hopefully we’ll be able to use to further the conversation regarding the decentralization of our content and ourselves on the internet. I’m a big believer in your personal blog being your central hub on the web and all third party services an efficient way to syndicate your blog but ultimately bringing all roads back to the original blog in the end. It seems in these days of web 2.0 it’s the other way around. Let’s get some insight into this trend.

If you’d like to upload your social graph to Social Graph Central, email me at juskai at shaw dot ca and I’ll add you as a contributor to the blog so you’ll have free reign to contribute to the conversation of social centralization… in one central place.


One response to “Bringing Our Social Graphs To A Central Location: Upload Yours Here

  1. Cool idea. I’m impressed with all the maps / graphs drawn and computer generated. On the latter, I wonder what software people use.

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