Ben Ullman’s Social Map

I’ve made a map of all places I create content or maintain a profile, and grouped them into basic categories. I’d like to do some additional connectors, to indicate flow of content from place to place (eg: stories shared on Google reader get populated into a feed on my site and my Facebook profile) but I haven’t taken it that far yet. I did add some color coding, to indicate the frequency and level of involvement I have at each site. (Click the image to see the whole thing.)

Ben Ullman's social map

Oh crap. Now that I’m contributing to this site, I may have to add it on my map. 😉

There’s a little bit more commentary on the original post on my blog.


2 responses to “Ben Ullman’s Social Map

  1. just testing whether I can insert an image in a comment…

  2. ^ it didn’t work. The image code was stripped out.

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