Radial And Spring Graphs Of My Facebook Connections

My Facebook Network

This cool app called Nexus Friend Grapher displays how the commonalities between your friends on Facebook and show you which friends you have the most in common with.  How does it work?  I’ll let the creator himself, Ivan Kozik, explain it, but check out my spring graph above and my radial graph below.  Try it out yourself, or add me as a friend on Facebook and I’ll invite you into my graph.

My Facebook Network


One response to “Radial And Spring Graphs Of My Facebook Connections

  1. This is really cool. I’d recommend adding this if you have Facebook. I would love to see you add some notes on this, to explain the groupings. Mine has several distinct areas – college friends, current job friends, previous job friends, etc. Great way to see the connections at a glance.

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