How To Contribute

Social Graph Central is a central location to discuss the decentralization of our internet personalities and work on the internet. Inspired by Loic Le Meur, it is a project dedicated to collecting the personally created social graphs of avid bloggers and social networkers who would like their personal blog to be their central hub on the web.  If you’d like to contribute you social map to Social Graph Central, email me at juskai at shaw dot ca or leave a comment somewhere on the blog.


6 responses to “How To Contribute

  1. feel free to add Winextra ( ) the map 🙂

  2. My social map can be found here:

    Please feel free to add to this blog!
    Thanks for thewell done initiative.

  3. See my social graph here:

    Hi put a hierarchy on my level of use of the different services (purple, orange, blue).
    Happy to join this initiative !

  4. See my social map at Made in MindManager Pro.

    Very interesting ideas, looking for the holy grail of web 2.0: ultimate data portability. I have posted about it in Dutch at

  5. View the Liberate Media social media research/resource map here:
    This is an ever growing archive of related social media findings. Enjoy!

  6. Feel free to add my social graph done in February. Available here in various formats:

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